Rooms of the 10-person guesthouse


Comfortable country house Cadiz

We are proud to present the rooms of our beautiful cottage Cadiz for rent, with a maximum capacity of up to 13 people, although it is true that the title says “cottage for 10 people“, we felt that this capacity limits the potential of our cottage and decided to take it to the maximum possible.

This does not mean that you will find rooms with little space, not at all, we simply take care to take advantage of the available space as best as possible, without sacrificing the comfort of our guests.

As we have indicated in the previous section, our country house Casa Sofia has 4 spacious rooms, all of them equipped for your comfort and enjoyment.

The air conditioning allows you to enjoy the temperature you want at the time of day you prefer, the closets have enough space to hold a complete wardrobe if your stay is quite long.

In short, our “rural house for 10 people” will allow you to enjoy a comfortable vacation in the countryside of Ubrique, do not hesitate and book your stay with us now.