Considering a country getaway?

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escapada al campo Considering a country getaway

Do not hesitate too much, a getaway to the countryside may be what you need to relax from day to day and from the worries of everyday life.

There are many positive and different experiences that you can plan and enjoy if you go on a rural getaway with your loved ones and at Casa Sofía we present some ideas that could help inspire you.

We also offer you our rural house in Ubrique, where you can make your field trip an unforgettable trip. Do not hesitate to explore our facilities and book your stay with us.

Romantic getaway to the countryside

escapada al campo romantica Romantic getaway to the countryside

The first idea about rural getaways or getaways to the countryside is aimed at those couples who would like to change their routine and invigorate their romantic relationship with a rural experience that both can appreciate and enjoy.

For them, we think that there is nothing like a dinner by candlelight, in the company of that special being who accompanies us on this journey we call life and with whom we want to continue sharing many moments.

Accompanied only by the sounds of nature, enjoying a good wine and a beautiful night sky as a background, not to mention that they could share together in a large pool.

Not only that, you could organize your getaway to the countryside to do some tourist activity in the area where you decide to stay.

Field trips with children

escapada al campo con niños Field trips with children

Just like adults, children can also get tired of life in the city, or simply, it is a good idea to make them live a rural experience, who knows, it could even be something that they like a lot and that strengthens the family bond.

Field trips with children require a little more family planning, as it is necessary to prepare so that our little ones stay safe and healthy.

Anyway, the central point is that children can play outdoors in different ways, with a ball, with a frisbee, playing hide and seek or simply sliding down a slope on the grass.

A swimming pool is also a great idea to share with children, in which they will not only cool off, but it can also be a great game setting for them on a field trip.

Country getaway for everyone

escapada rural para todos Country getaway for everyone

Many people decide to go on a rural getaway with friends to have fun and share a different moment with them.

In this regard, the capacity of the rural accommodation they decide to go to plays a main role, since rural dwellings usually do not have a capacity greater than 4 or 6 people, as they are usually designed mainly for families.

However, some of them do have a much larger accommodation capacity, as is the case of Vivienda Rural Casa Sofía, which even allows accommodation for 13 people.

Once this aspect is solved, it is enough to have a good barbecue, a swimming pool, some outdoor facility in which to lie down to talk and share with our friends, and that will be enough to make it a moment of fun, relaxation and enjoyment. .

However, if you would like to take friends to enjoy a different activity in the countryside, most rural accommodations have information on activities for tourists in the vicinity of the same, find out before making your reservation and we assure you that your getaway to the field will be one of the best.

These are some of the key points or benefits for which you should consider making a getaway to the countryside with your loved ones.