Mountain Tourism

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turismo de montaña MOUNTAIN TOURISM

Mountain tourism is one of the most liberating and relaxing activities that a person can experience, the most regulars in this activity tend to think that we should do mountain tourism at least once a year.

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Mountain Tourism in Spain.

Due to its geographical position, Spain has some of the best places for mountain tourism, the Cantabrian mountain range has some of the best mountain scenery that you could enjoy.

More specifically, the Principality of Asturias is the favorite place for mountain tourism in Spain, due to its proximity and the ease of access to the mountain range of the Cordillera.

This does not mean that you cannot enjoy an excellent view of the mountains in other parts of the Spanish territory, on the contrary, it turns out that Spain is one of the countries with a large number of mountains of different sizes to explore. Thanks to this, we can say that in the vast majority of the territory you can enjoy this wonderful outdoor activity.

Advantages of mountain tourism

ventajas del turismo de montaña Advantages of mountain tourism

If you decide to carry out this activity, we guarantee that you will be able to find a variety of advantages that other types of activities do not offer you.

Free of contamination.

You will be able to enjoy completely clean air, a completely clear sky and free of the polluting gases of the city, believe me when I tell you that you will appreciate it more than you think.

Find peace.

The natural environment of the mountains is perfect to relax and simply enjoy the sounds of small animals and even putting a little meditation into practice can be ideal for contact with nature and get rid of the stress of the city.

Improve physical condition.

Of course, doing mountain tourism will surely require you to walk long distances, climb some points along the way and consume much more water than usual, all of which can help your body improve its physical condition and feel better about yourself.

Aspects to take into account before doing mountain tourism

planificación y equipamiento para turismo de montaña Aspects to take into account before doing mountain tourism


First of all, planning the route, the duration, whether or not to camp and the points where the landscape will be enjoyed is essential to make exploration a true moment of enjoyment.

Security and equipment.

We all agree that for any trip to be a good trip, it is necessary to have good equipment and the appropriate security measures for it. Much more when it comes to an outdoor trip where the weather and animals can give us a hard time.

As you can imagine, most of the things that you should take into account before doing mountain tourism require a minimum knowledge of the area in which you are going to develop this activity, so our last advice and possibly the best , is that you do not hesitate to hire a mountain guide for the route you want to visit, we assure you that it can make the difference between a disastrous trip and the best trip to the mountains of your life.

We hope that everything expressed here will help you to plan and carry out an excellent trip to the mountains. Lastly, if you want to get away from the city but with comfort, do not hesitate to visit us at Casa Sofia, your rural accommodation to rest. and enjoy comfortably without missing the natural experience.