Rustic Country Houses and their Particular Beauty

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Rustic country houses and their particular beauty!

Many people talk about rustic country houses as if this term were a synonym for a country house, but the reality is little different from what it seems.

The truth is that a rustic country house is nothing more than a country house with a characteristic style decoration that allows it to be classified as such, while a country house is just that, a house that is located in the country.

Now, it is true that most people decorate their country house to make it look like the rustic house style, but it is also true that you can find rustic houses in the middle of the city.

Next, we will mention the characteristics that make a country house a rustic country house.

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Characteristics of rustic country houses:

As we have previously mentioned, rustic country houses are simply houses in a rural location that meet specific aesthetic aspects, among which we can mention:

Facade with stone or wood details.

That’s right, the first and foremost feature that almost all rustic country houses present is a façade partially or totally covered in stone.

The stone details give the house an appearance, not only natural, but also durable and resistant to climatic changes, in short, a rustic house par excellence.

In some cases of rustic country houses they use old (or cured) wood to replace the stone decoration, although this gives the house a rustic appearance, in general, said decoration is more similar to a forest cabin than to a rustic house.

The material of the floor.

The floor inside a rustic house is usually made of wood, as in the previous case, the wood must look rigid and durable, otherwise, it would contrast with the rest of the elements of the house and part of the harmony and style.

In some cases, generally older rustic country houses, the floor of the house may still be made of stone as well, but these cases are becoming rarer, as it is not usually a very good material in terms of temperature and people decide to replace it.

A chimney.

That’s right, a fireplace is another of the elements that characterizes rustic country houses, they not only serve as a heating element in the rural house, but also contribute an almost inexplicable beauty to the interior of the room.

Associated with colonial houses, fireplaces also tend to bring a rustic and traditional style to the interior of country houses, so practically any house that wants to be classified as a rustic house should have a fireplace inside.

Interior elements.

What would a rustic country house be without classic wooden windows, to give an example. This is what we mean by the interior elements of the house.

It is important to maintain the aesthetic harmony of the house by carefully choosing one of the elements that make it up, especially avoiding objects or appliances that are very shiny or with details that are too metallic.

This includes doors and windows, as they will make a contrast and the beauty of the rustic farmhouse can be compromised by these elements.

The best thing for these cases is to equip the house with appliances with discreet or opaque colors, even those with an opaque white surface qualify, since they do not usually distort the decoration.

With this we have finished mentioning the characteristics that define a beautiful rustic country house.

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