The best activities in the countryside to share!

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Actividades al aire libre

There is no doubt that a trip to the countryside to get away from everyday city life is a refreshing experience. With that in mind, we offer you this list of activities in the countryside to share, either with family or friends.

Of course, the activities will vary according to the group with whom you will be sharing your experience in the countryside, and to facilitate this, we have grouped them according to the company you choose to visit the countryside with. Not only that, but we are pleased to be able to offer you some of the best rural accommodation you can find to enjoy the natural, beautiful and peaceful environment.

Family activities in the countryside

When you are with your family, the activities in the countryside become very different from being alone or with friends, mainly because of the presence of your beloved children. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do some excellent activities in the countryside as a family. Here are the options that you will enjoy the most if you go to the countryside with your family:


You can never go wrong if you prepare a delicious meal to enjoy outdoors with your loved ones, although it is true that it requires some preparation beforehand, there is no denying that it is very rewarding. Eating while enjoying a peaceful environment, breathing fresh air, listening to the sounds of birds around you and relaxing while leaning against a tree is an experience that anyone would recommend.

Explore the gastronomy of the countryside.

Continuing with the idea of enjoying food in a natural environment, the next option requires no preparation and will be more like an adventure, as you don’t know what wonders you might encounter. Usually, rural areas have food places that offer the traditional or typical dishes of the region, a great option is to visit them and enjoy such gastronomy. Most of the times you will find dishes with an excellent flavour that you will hardly find and enjoy anywhere else in the country.

Cycle routes.

Cycling along a route for the first time is one of the most fun things you can do in the countryside, obviously, if you and your family enjoy cycling. Being well informed before taking an unfamiliar cycling route is key to not turning the adventure into a bad experience. In general, going with a guide is ideal. Aspects such as the type of route, possible obstacles or difficulties, as well as places where you can take a break before continuing, are the ones that allow you to enjoy the route properly.

Watching the train go by or travelling on it.

Trains are one of those things that you should use sometime in your life, the experience is unique and unequalled, obviously, for those who have never done it.  This beautiful man-made machinery is considered to be a marvel and a way to travel like no other. If you are taking a trip to the countryside and a train passes near the site, don’t hesitate to go and watch it pass by or, even better, ride it if possible.

Outdoor games

The little ones in the house will surely enjoy outdoor games, such as playing with a ball, looking for butterflies, picking flowers, rolling in the grass, playing hide and seek and even just appreciating the animals that pass through the area. It is important to remember to take every precaution to ensure that the little ones in the family can play safely.

Comfortable, but slightly water tolerant shoes, a sun hat, jumper or jacket and, last but not least, no clothes that they can’t get dirty or stained, are our best recommendations.

Swimming pool.

The pool is always a good place to relax and cool off, as well as share with your loved ones while you do it. The little ones in the house also love a good dip, and even more so if they have a ball to play with in the pool or any other toy that allows them to enjoy the water. Never forget that even though we are close by, we must never stop watching the little ones while they are in the pool.

Walking barefoot in the grass.

Yes, as simple as it may sound, many people find a special enjoyment in walking barefoot on the grass. First of all, it represents a direct connection with nature and the feeling is quite peculiar, so we have to give it a place on the list of activities in the countryside that you should do.

Activities in the countryside with friends

Many times we decide to go sightseeing or do something different with friends instead of the family, whether it’s because we haven’t started a family yet or just for the fun of it. The point is that the number of activities in the countryside available when we decide to share the experience with friends is much higher.

Active tourism.

Nowadays, most rural areas have spaces in which different entertainment services are provided that allow you to enjoy nature and landscapes. Active tourism consists of finding these services and hiring them in order to experience them first hand. Among the activities in the countryside that usually count as active tourism we can mention the following:

  •  Hiking.
  • Kayaking.
  • Climbing.
  • Multi-adventure.
  • Canoeing.
  • Cycling routes.

Although some of these activities in the countryside can be classified as extreme sports, with the proper care and support of professionals, they are an excellent life experience.

Plan a good barbecue.

A great way to share with friends outdoors is to have a good barbecue that you can enjoy together. Of course, just like the picnic, it requires prior preparation to do it properly, as well as having a barbecue nearby to prepare it without major difficulties. For this activity in the countryside, we recommend you to rent a rural house with barbecue, you will be more comfortable and you will surely be able to enjoy your meal better.

Swimming pool or swimming in lakes and rivers.

Just as spending time with your family in a swimming pool is fun and relaxing, it will be equally so if you do it with friends. In this section we have included swimming in lakes and rivers, because as we are talking about adults, there is much less risk than if we were to recommend swimming in lakes or rivers with the little ones in the house. What we mean by this is that a dip is also a welcome way to enjoy nature with friends.

Rentals in the countryside.

One of the most viable options to carry out pleasant or even unforgettable activities in the countryside is to rent a rural house. This allows you to do your activities in the countryside with as much relaxation as possible, as you don’t have to think that you will have to return to your home in the city when you finish, which could be a long way to travel.

In addition, you will enjoy the natural environment at all times, including the interior of the country house, as the decoration of the house is designed for that purpose.

The best activity in the countryside.

We’ve already discussed a wealth of countryside activities you can experience with your loved ones, but we’ve decided to save the best for last.

Plan your rural trip to coincide with the local festivals of your destination, this advice comes perhaps as a particular taste on our part, but there is something about the traditional festivals of rural villages that tends to fill those who participate in them with joy and good energy.

There is nothing better than soaking up this energy and enjoying the traditions of the place, as well as getting to know part of the local culture. In general, it is a pleasant and enriching experience that you should try. At Casa Sofia we love to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can make the most of your rural experience.

With this in mind, we offer you rural accommodation of the highest quality, with the facilities and location to be able to enjoy most of the activities described here. If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to help you, if not and you want to take us at our word, do not hesitate to book your rural accommodation now.