Ubrique: How to get to this historical paradise?

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como llegar a ubrique

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Located at the convergence of the natural parks of Grazalema and Alcornocales is Ubrique, declared a Historic Site. Its Roman origin is attested by the ancient Roman road between Ubrique and Benaocaz and, above all, by the valuable site of Ocuri, with a funerary monument of the columbarium type of which there are very few similar ones in the Iberian Peninsula. The remains of the fortress of Cardela or castle of Fátima have survived from the Muslim culture.

Its medieval old town is intertwined with narrow streets, picturesque corners, beautiful squares with fountains such as the Baroque public fountain and the Andalusian fountain of the Nueve Caños and good examples of the Baroque style such as the churches of San Antonio, San Juan de Letrán and the Convent of Capuchinos, converted into the permanent exhibition centre of “Manos y Magia en la piel” (Hands and Magic on the skin). The offer of visiting this wonderful place is complemented by hiking routes, places for fishing, hunting or bird watching and the vibrant Rally Subida a Ubrique.

The Cradle of Leather in Spain.

Before telling you how to get to Ubrique, you need to know one of the most outstanding attributes of this beautiful town, leather goods. In Ubrique you will find an infinite number of leather craftsmen who perfectly combine tradition and the latest techniques, enjoying international prestige, exporting for leading firms all over the world.

Known nationally as “The cradle of leather in Spain”, Ubrique is the centre of leather tanning and the activity of design and manufacture of leather goods in general. This economic activity has traditionally been developed, generating knowledge that is passed on from one generation to the next and each time the products are more and better.

A rich gastronomy.

How to arrive and enjoy an exquisite meal in Ubrique? One of the most frequently asked questions. The gastronomy of Ubrique, like most of the cities in the world, is very wide: here you can enjoy its gañotes or its cooked breadcrumbs; its asparagus soup or its tagarninas stew. Apart from these typical dishes, we cannot fail to mention the traditional sweets, such as torrijas (French toast) or dulces borrachos.

All these dishes are prepared by excellent professionals using the best local produce, which is essential to obtain the best results. In Ubrique you can visit restaurants where you can eat with the family and get to know the local gastronomy, or a “venta” where you can get to know the best dishes of the house first hand.

What to see when you get to Ubrique

If you want to know the history of the town, visit the Archaeological Site of Ocuri, which is located at the top of the Salto de la Mora. It is a key point of interest if you like history and visit this town. If you go into the town centre of Ubrique, you will find the Convent of Capuchinos, the most important historical building in the municipality. It is a 17th century monastery of great architectural and artistic importance.

If you want to see the religious buildings, visit the Ermita de San Pedro and the Ermita de San Antonio. They are two emblematic temples where part of the culture of Ubrique is reflected. One of the religious buildings that stands out is another hermitage, the Ermita del Calvario, because it is surrounded by a wonderful landscape. Another place you should visit is the Museum or Interpretation Centre of the History of Ubrique, where you will learn about the culture and history of this corner of the Sierra de Cádiz.

¿How to get to Ubrique?

Ubrique is located in the south of Andalusia and to the northeast of the province of Cadiz, in the heart of the Route of the White Villages. Its relief is dominated by mountains, sierras and pastures. Its geographical location means that it is close to the Jerez countryside, the Campo de Gibraltar, the Serranía de Ronda and the province of Seville. This location, together with all the tourist attractions offered by Ubrique and its famous leather goods industry mentioned above, makes it an ideal destination for those looking for a different kind of adventure with great stories in between.

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